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1 3/8 Triple Glaze Windows

The Highest Standard in Triple Glaze Windows
Hometech has once again raised the bar with our re-engineered 1 3/8 Triple Glaze Window, the highest standard in triple glaze windows. The
Cardinal sealed unit can achieve an industry record of R-9.4 R-Value. The 1 3/8 Triple Glaze Window is built for any climate keeping your
home warm in the harshest of winters and cool in the hottest of summers.
The 1 3/8 Triple Glaze Window is also built to last. It begins with Hometech’s standard premium features: Acrylic Glazing Technology, Premium Vinyl
Construction, Fusion Welded Corners, Multiple-Chamber Frames and Sashes as well as Truth and other premium maximum heavy duty
operators and hinges, which are made in the U.S.A. and second to none in quality.
Unlike inferior triple glazed window products on the market today that are created with the same frames used for dual glazed windows, the 1 3/8 Triple
Glaze Window's frame is specifically engineered to handle the extra weight load of triple glaze sealed unit by having load bearing areas
reinforced with thicker profile walls and fiberglass inserts.
Built to last, the 1 3/8 Triple Glaze Window is covered under Hometech's Advantage warranty.


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